EVERY WILD HEART available to pre-order now!

I'm very excited to share some of the blurbs that are rolling in for my next novel, EVERY WILD HEART!

EVERY WILD HEART should be on every reader’s list of new books to savor. It’s a heartfelt, funny, poignant and suspenseful story of a good woman trying her best, making mistakes, picking up the pieces and moving on--a celebration of what it means to be a working mother.” -- Susan Wiggs, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of FAMILY TREE

"Brava, Meg Donohue! Part love story, part mystery, I devoured this novel. Everything I love about women’s fiction is tucked within these pages—strong and vivid characters, an intriguing plot, a beautiful love story with a dash of mystery…and bonus, horses!" -- Lori Nelson Spielman, Internationally bestselling author of The Life List

"EVERY WILD HEART is Meg Donohue’s finest novel to date—emotionally resonant, absorbing and funny in all the right places, it’s a portrait of mothers and daughters, missteps and triumphs, and love in all of its bewildering and delightful disguises. I promise you, these characters and their stories will jump off the page and into your heart" -- Meg Mitchell Moore, author of The Admissions